Sunday, 25 November 2012


To help me prepare for the challenge, I have recently bought myself a number of items:

  • Cycle shoes by DHB
  • Shimano PD-5700 pedals
  • Shimano SM-SH11 Floating Cleats
I've actually had the pedals for a while, but I ordered my shoes last week and they arrived last Monday.

Today was the first time I could get out and try them out. Only a quick 2.5 mile ride was possible - the weather in the UK has turned very wet and windy, but it was good to make sure everything  worked together. It was very strange going from trainers/sneakers into cycle shoes, especially with the foot quite rigidly in the pedals (made for getting my feet off the pedals quite interesting). No gain in performance on a measured Strava section though, but I think this is because my motivation today wasn't that great given the weather.

I've just also ordered a Garmin Edge 500 with HRM and Cadence sensor. I seem to be obsessed with my performance :)

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