Saturday, 26 October 2013

Training update

I haven't managed to update on training progress for months. It's because I have been out and about a lot and my change of job in July just got in the way.

Since I last posted, I've done some long training rides:

  • Wiggle Stratford Sportive (27 July) - 69 miles, 3077ft of climb in 4:56:14 (including 16 minutes of rest)
  • Two Counties ride (1 September) - 66.9 miles, 3648ft of climb in 4:41:28 (including 13 minutes of rest)
  • Macmillian Cancer MacRide (8 September) - 53.4 miles, 1578ft of climb in 3:30:58 (including 8 minutes of rest) - not particularly hilly, but was working on doing 3 long rides at weekends in a row and this sandwiched the ones on the 1st and 15th September quite well.
  • Kilotogo Shropshire Mynd (15 September) - 65.6 miles, 4341ft of climb in 5:12:43 (including 14 minutes of rest) - this ride was particularly hard with two very steep and long climbs, and very wet and windy conditions.
  • Evans Cycles Cannock Chase (20 October) - 56.2 miles, 3235ft of climb in 3:56:24 (including 7 minutes of rest)
Over the few months, I've done 1200 miles of further training for the event which is now just 2 weeks away. One more large ride is to come (tomorrow I will attempt the 84 mile Wiggle Circuit Breaker, although I think I may switch to the 52 mile ride as the forecast is for rain and wind), and then it will be light training until the event.

I'm looking forward to the event - it's now been over a year since I signed up for it

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